Frequently Asked Questions
What vaccinations are required for my pet? A current Rabies vaccination is required by state law.  Our policies require your pet to have a bordetella and distemper vaccination.  All vaccinations must be administered by a licensed vet, at least 1 week PRIOR to your check in date. Link to PA DOG LAWS:  PA DOG LAWS Why must I have all my pet’s vaccinations update 1 week or more PRIOR their check in? The bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination needs a week or more incubation period, to protect your pet.  Also if your pet has a reaction to a vaccination, then you are around them to know something is not right quicker than we would. Why must I send in all my pet’s vaccination records BEFORE they check in? We want to make sure your pet has every vaccination we require, and in the pre-resquited timely manner and that we have the documents entered and scanned to their account before arriving. So when you come to check in your pet, they don’t have to wait for us to collect, copy, scan documents, or try to get a hold of a your vet to verify vaccs, therefore you can be on your way to your vacation quicker and we can have your pet start enjoying their vacation without a wait.  Does my pet need to have a flea treatment on? YES.  We require all our guests to have a vet prescribed-type of flea treatment on whenever boarding with us, no matter what time of year it is.  Products we personally do not feel or accept as a treatment for your pet to board with us, because they are not known to be 100% effective or safe for your pet or humans around them are: Hartz, Zodiac, Defend, Bio-Spot, Sentry brand products. Please consult with your vet the safest product for your pet.  A current receipt must be submitted to us for proof of a flea treatment, prior to check in day. Why do I need to fill out a PET PROFILE SHEET? This gives us detailed information on you and your pet, all with your vet’s contact info, and your emergency contact info.  This form also is for feeding and medications instructions. This form also lets us aware of any health problems or special needs for your pet. The state also requires us to have a form for each pet. Does my pet need to have a dog license? YES, each put must have on their, or in their possession, a dog license from in which the county they reside.  This is a state law.  We are a state-licensed boarding facility, and must ask this of you.  If you do not have a dog license, fines could be given to you up to $300…so it is so much cheaper to get a dog license. Link to an online service for a dog license. Why is there a fee for medications, supplements, special diets, or special needs? This requires extra-extra time, beyond what other pets need, and we want to make sure each pet has their special needs taken care of as required for the healthy and well being of that pet. Fees are adjusted per pets needs.  All medications must be submitted in a Daily Dosing Pill type container, with the proper dosing in each day needed to be given.  Please also bring, what you use to put their medications into to administer to them, ie: peanut butter, cheese, pill-pockets.  Pill Pockets can also be purchased here. Should I bring my pets’ own food and treats? Yes. We require you to bring their own regular diets, and we will feed them according to their regular scheduled eating frequencies.  Why must my pet’s dry food (kibble) be in ZIP-LOCK baggies? We ask that you proportion out each meal into a zip lock baggie. This way all their baggies will fit into their bin with their room # on, and each bin fits onto our room-service cart, which makes feeding your pet more proficient and accurate.  We do have refrigeration and microwave for those special canned or meat diets. What if I just FREE FEED my pet? Just fill as many 1-gallon zip loc baggies that you think your pet will eat while here.  Please bring only enough food for your pet’s stay. Why must baggies be zip-lock only? Because some dogs will try to pick up anything that is dropped on the floor, and twisties and rubber bands can be hazardous if swallowed (if one is accidently dropped or falls off of a clients bag)  We do not allow food in their original store bags at all, they cannot be properly closed to avoid spills or to avoid anything or any pet to get into them. Why must I bring my credit card to be swiped at check in? The credit card company charges us extra fees for a transaction on a credit card when it is not “swiped”.  This is considered an unsecured transaction.  So since you are here, we can avoid those fees, to keep costs down, by swiping your card for the balance due at check in.  Deposits my by a credit card on your account, is just for the convenience for both of us. Can I bring my pets own bed or blankie? Yes….but we prefer it not be a huge comforter or bedspread, or a sleeping bag, or a huge dog bed.  If your pet soils on it or spills something on it, we do not have a huge washer to wash these items, and we prefer not to let them soiled or smelly in our resort or send them home that way either if we can avoid it.   We recommend a small “throw blanket”, kennel pad, or a baby blankie (again, something that would fit in a smaller washer).  This way too, the bed or blanket does not take up their entire suite…allowing them room to move around, stretch out, and eat in their suite comfortably.  We can provide for your pet, a complimentary pet-cot and/or baby blankie.  Only cost to you would be if your pet chews or destroys the cot.  A replacement fee of $55-$75 would be charged (depending on the size of cot) Can I bring my pets own crate? We prefer you not to!  We pride ourselves in offering a cage free boarding facility and offer rooms of sizes that give your pet their own secure-comforted space.  If you absolutely feel your pet can not cope without its cage, prior approval must be gotten from us.  If we do approve you to bring your crate, all crates must be collapsible, as for the ease of getting into and out of their suite and our building. Why can I only check-in or check-out during certain hours? We try to maintain a quiet-stress free environment for our guests at all times.  By not having people coming and going all day long, we avoid having the possibility of dogs barking all day long and stressing themselves or each other out.  So when one of our guests is taking their nap or having playtime, no one is disturbing them during their “special” times.  This allows your pet to have a safer, happier, more fun vacation.  This also allows us to give each of our guests their own personal time required by us.  Why do you ask me to enter resort quietly, with inside voices? As to not disturb all the guests here! Anytime a guest hears someone’s voice, they may think it’s their mom or dad coming for them, thus getting all excited and stressed.  Loud, winey voices can upset your pet and the rest of the guests here relaxing on their vacation.  So Please Respect our guests by not hollering for your pet or using LOUD voices when you see your pet at check out time. Why do I need to make an appointment for a Tour? You, and each and every one of our furry guests is handled by us personally.  This allows us time to tend to everyone’s needs and the running of the business in an organized manner.  This also allows us time to dedicate to each of our furry-guests as needed, for they are our utmost important part of all this.  Also, with people not coming and going all day long, this helps us maintain a quieter, stress-free environment for your pet. Do I bring my pet’s own dishes from home? NO.  We ask that you do not. We provide sterilized, stainless steel bowls, in a holder according to your pet’s size.  We do not want glass or ceramic either brought into the resort.  If you know your pet is afraid of a metal bowl, please let us know, we do have alternative dishes for them. What is the cancellation policy? Deposit will be refunded-less a cancellation fee of $25, with a  2-week notice. Deposit will not be refunded if a 2 week  cancellation notice is not given.  A $25* cancellation fee will be charged on all cancellations or week of stay changes of a reservation.*(also on transfers) You  will be charged for the full amount of days reserved unless a two-week notice is given to delete any number of days. No refunds for early check-outs. Boarding is calculated by the 1/2 day, not by the night like a hotel reservation. Reservations of 3 days or less will be charged the FULL STAY AMOUNT at time of  reservation and is NON- REFUNDABLE for a cancellation. Policies are subject to change at our discretion.  Reservations can and may be cancelled by us, upon our discretion, and your full deposit made will be refunded.
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