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Dog on Blue
Wagin' Tails Resort and Glamorous K9s

Bring your best friend to our pet boarding resort where we specialize in providing a caring and relaxing environment for your dog or cat while you're away! Each pet is treated to their own bedroom suite, an individual play yard, and one-on-one attention and affection throughout their stay. We also provide grooming services for your pets that want to indulge before, during, or after their little vacation getaway at the resort!

About Us


Our pet boarding resort in the beautiful Lebanon Valley has undergone many recent changes to offer the most comfortable, relaxing lodging for your furry family member. We are a Pennsylvania licensed boarding kennel facility with cozy bedroom suites and individual play yards. Unlike other doggy day care facilities, there is no direct contact between any dogs that are not in the same family, although they are able to see and play with other dogs along the play yard fences. 

We also have certified groomers on-site to pamper your pet and make them look their best! Baths, brushing, haircuts, styling and special treatments are available to meet your pet’s needs.

Duke and Pam Wagner, owners since November 2020, understand the importance of leaving your pet in the best hands, as they also have two beloved dogs at home, Shadow and Sherman. We are committed to our guiding principle of caring for your pet as we do our own.

Rescue Puppy

We offer a free “practice” day for new guests, where your pet spends the day with us and experiences the resort! We want your pet to be comfortable and trust our staff.




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